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TriPollar® Stop® and TriPollar® Pose® come
with a 1-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty


You can buy with confidence, knowing your device is warranted against faults.

The TriPollar® Stop® and TriPollar® Pose® devices are warranted to be fit for purpose for a period of twelve months from the date of purchase.  This means that your interests are protected.

A warranty card comes with your device.  It explains full terms and conditions.  In short, you are covered against any manufacturing defects and all parts and labour will be covered – just keep your receipt email.

The warranty will not be valid when:

  1. There are amendments in the warranty policy, sales receipt or invoice, or the absence of any original documentation.
  2. There is damage or deterioration of the device due to improper use or if the device has been modified or repaired by an unauthorised third party.
  3. There is damage of the product due to defects incurred during transportation, such as bumps, bangs or improper handling.
  4. There is damage due to humidity or any kind of liquid or foreign body inside the device or the use of unapproved, unadvised accessories with the device contradictory to the user manual.
  5. The device is not used in accordance with the respective user manual or with its supplied accessories.
  6. There is partial or total damage or loss of the device due to natural disasters (such as earthquakes, flood, fire, lightning etc), force majeure or accident.
  7. There is damage to the device after being subjected to high dust environments, humidity or applicaiton of excessive voltage from the power supply.
  8. The product’s serial number does not match the one in the policy or it has been amended or erased.
  9. There is cosmetic damage, including but not limited to scratches and dents.



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