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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Radio Frequency (RF) technology and how does it work?
Radio Frequency (RF), in the context of aesthetic applications, is a method for heating the skin, creating the desired clinical effect by delivering High Frequency (HF) electrical current via poles or electrodes applied to the skin. When High Frequency RF is delivered, the skin cells interpret it as an energy source warming the cells from within.

The heating delivered by TriPollar® technology results in a skin tightening effect and over time lessens the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and cellulite.

2. What is TriPollar® RF technology?
TriPollar® technology, is the third generation of Radio Frequency (RF) energy, the most advanced form of RF delivery available. TriPollar® technology directs the RF current from four poles on the Stop® or Pose® device towards the skin to control and limit the penetration and depth of the heating mechanism to the desired treatment area.

The TriPollar® RF currents emit focused energy to the target skin area without overheating the skin, resulting in immediate and visible results that will last long term. TriPollar® energy is delivered in a very focused and homogeneous manner and therefore does not require high energy to create the desired clinical effect. TriPollar® treatments are pleasurable and suitable for all skin types and colours.

Until recently, TriPollar® technology was only available at professional clinics. Now, it has been adapted for effective and pleasant treatments at home. Professional level, immediate and long-term results are available now in the comfort of your home.

3. How does TriPollar® RF Technology create an anti-ageing effect?
As our skin matures and is subjected to environmental influences, the connective tissue begins to break down, causing wrinkles and other signs of ageing. TriPollar® energy selectively heats the skin tissue and the local heating causes an immediate tightening sensation and appearance. The RF technology creates smoother, healthier and younger-looking skin.

4. There are reports that other RF technologies could cause burns. Why is it that TriPollar® does not damage the skin surface?
Since TriPollar® technology utilises several beams of RF energy and delivers the energy source from numerous poles, it does not require a high power output to get the desired clinical results.

Previous RF technologies (monopolar and bipolar) are not as focused nor do they deliver the energy in such homogeneous manner as TriPollar®.  As a result, they require a much higher energy output to achieve clinical results.

Such high energy output heats the skin surface, resulting in possible discomfort or pain and a higher risk of burns and skin damage. This is why, until now, RF technologies could only be used in a clinical setting.

With the TriPollar® configuration, lower power is controlled and focused into a small defined treatment area and is therefore safer and more effective. TriPollar® technology is the only RF technology available for home-use. Moreover, TriPollar® devices have built-in safety mechanisms that continuously measure the skin’s surface temperature and automatically limit the energy delivery if the skin’s surface temperature reaches a preset limit.

5. What is the difference between TriPollar® Stop® and TriPollar® Pose®?
The difference between the devices is in the size of the poles, the distance between them and their strength. Stop® is designed for the softer skin of the face while Pose® is designed for tougher areas such as the tummy, thighs, buttocks, upper arms and hips.

6. Will TriPollar® treatment hurt? What is the skin redness that appears after TriPollar® treatment? How long does the redness last?
The TriPollar® technology focuses the energy delivery directly to the treated area, uses low power and therefore is painless. The treatment provides a pleasant warm sensation underneath the skin.

The slight redness post treatment is natural and will disappear within few minutes to an hour following the treatment.

7. Should I stay out of the sun when using TriPollar® treatments?
Unlike some light-based therapies, TriPollar® will not make your skin photosensitive. Therefore, you will have no problem going out in the sun during treatment. Be sure to wear sunscreen though!

8. Can I use TriPollar® treatments if I’m sun burned?
TriPollar® treatments can be used on a tan skin. However, if you have a sunburn and your skin is red and sensitive, avoid treatment with TriPollar® until redness and sensitivity has passed.

9. Can I use TriPollar® treatments if I have broken skin?
TriPollar® treatments must not be used if you have sores, blisters or any abnormal skin condition.

10. What do the green and orange indicator lights mean?
The green indicator light shows you when the device is ON or OFF and when the automatic safety mechanism is triggered. The automatic safety mechanism activates to protect your skin from overheating. If you remain in the same section and continue heating the skin too long, the green indicator light and the energy source will automatically shut off. The energy source will automatically turn itself back on when moving to the next treatment area.

The orange indicator light illuminates when you have reached the optimal temperature in the section you are treating and indicates that you should now move to an adjacent section.

11. What do I do if the orange indicator light stays on even after I turn the device off?
The orange indicator light may stay illuminated for 1-2 minutes after treatment. This is quite normal, as the thermostat is cooling down from treatment. If it stays on for more than 3 minutes, ensure that you have cleaned all the gel from the sensor and electrodes after each treatment. If this continues, please contact your local service centre.

12. How long do results last after completion of the treatment course?
Results will typically last several months and since the ageing process continues it is recommended to perform maintenance treatments to prolong, maintain and enhance the long term results for an extended period of time.

13. If I forget to use the device once or twice, will I need to restart the course of anti-ageing treatment?
The more closely you follow the recommended course of treatment, the better the results will be. However, missing a treatment will not cause any damage nor will it reverse the results.



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