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Top five reasons to use Pose®

Top 5 Reasons You Should Use Pose®



If you’ve looked at our Top 5 for TriPollar® Stop®, you might see some similarity here. We might not win points for originality, but we’re sure we’ll win for having a device as effective as TriPollar® Pose®.

These are the top 5 reasons we think you should be using it:
1. It’s a non-surgical skin tightening device.
TriPollar® Pose® offers a non-invasive, pain-free and professional salon quality result for skin tightening and body contouring in the comfort of your own home!

2. Immediate and long-lasting results.
You’ll see a visible difference after your first treatment and after 6-8 weeks you will have locked in gains and can reduce back to a maintenance cycle.

3. It’s easy to use at home.
You get all the instructions on how to use the device in the box. Treatments are easy to carry out and you will start to have visible results in no time!

4. It’s fast and pain-free.
It contains the same TriPollar® technology as you can find at top beauty salons, but whereas they are very powerful and require the hands of a skilled technician, you can use this in front of the TV without fear that you will overheat your skin. The device has a safety shut off that means the temperature sensation that you feel won’t go over 42 degrees Celsius – very safe. And 20 minutes is all it takes to do a tummy or thigh treatment, so you can look great without adding a lot of time to your routine.

5. The cost.
TriPollar® Pose® is far cheaper than most, if not all other effective alternatives for you to choose from. For $599 plus postage and handling fee, you get a device that you can use again and again and again and achieve the same great results as spending thousands more at a top beauty clinic.

And don’t forget…

60-Day-Guarantee6. Our 60-day money back guarantee.
We are so confident that TriPollar® Pose® will deliver impressive results for you that you can buy it with our 60-day money back guarantee. Try the treatment protocol for 6-8 weeks and if you don’t agree that you’ve seen positive change you can return the device to us and we’ll refund the purchase price minus the cost of the Pose® Preparation Gel with no hassle. Guaranteed.

And beyond that, your TriPollar® Pose® device comes with a 1-year warranty. So you can buy with confidence that we’ll stand by our product.

We know you’ll love the results. Get yours today.



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