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Here’s what a selection of users have to say:

“I have worked within the administration sector of the Cosmetic Surgery industry for over 10 years and have never seen a take home treatment that is as effective as Stop.
- Jaine S., Sydney, NSW

“I recommend Radio Frequency (RF) technology to patients who desire to achieve a more youthful appearance with firmer, tighter skin and improved skin quality, tone and texture. Home RF devices like the Stop device is great for people who want to reduce and delay the signs of ageing by working on fine wrinkles and expression lines as well as skin quality. The bonus is that home devices like Stop, have no down time associated with them.”
- Dr. Frank Barbagallo, Cosmetic Physician, Kew, Victoria

“I’m paying more than $150 for each radio frequency facial treatment (face only) and now with Stop I have saved a lot. Of course this home use machine needs to take a while for full result, but I can use this on any part over my body (neck, hands, especially elbow area). Plus most other RF home use machine in overseas only come with Monopolar or Bipolar Radio Frequency, NOT Tripollar. I am very impressed with the results and strongly recommend it for anyone considering using this device.”
- Virginia, Riverwood, NSW Age 32

“I would just like to say how thrilled I am with the results of using the stop device. I am 33 years old and have acquired fine lines around my eyes and a hefty frown line between my brows. After using the Stop device regularly I have noticed a significant decrease in the creases around my eyes and in my frown line. I am so relieved to finally find a product that works and that I can recommend to others as genuine. This device does everything it claims to and more and the moisturizer is so rich and creamy and easily absorbed too. I am happy for you to use this testimony on your website or to publish it anywhere else in order to promote this product as I believe it is worth every penny. Many thanks again for making this available.”
- Kelly, Churton Park, Wellington, NZ

“Even after the first treatment, my skin felt noticeably tighter with a distinct glow. After six treatments, my skin is visibly firmer and smoother and my skin tone and texture is greatly improved. Definitely the best money I have ever spent on a beauty product or treatment and the results were immediate.”
- Kara Roberts, Burleigh, QLD

“This device is fantastic! I just love how fresh my skin looks after treatment. At 42, I can use all the help I can get. I was especially surprised at the wonderful results on my neck and décolletage area. Best of all, a co-worker asked if I’m in love. She said I was ‘glowing’.”
- Margalete Zukerman-Zino

“I found the device easy to use, although I think I was rushing a bit at the start, I’ve used it 4 times now and seem to be getting used to it. I love the way it makes my skin so smooth after I’ve used it.”
- M. Wagner, Adelaide, SA

“I can’t believe how fast it worked! I used to be a size 14 and dropped to a 10 by exercise and eating well, but I still had cellulite and unappealing skin on my hips & thighs but pose has gotten rid of that and now I feel more confident in my new body than I ever have.”
- S. Hewett, Melbourne, VIC

“The device looks very elegant & simple. It’s difficult to imagine something so small and compact will work, but it’s simple and easy to use. I find the device quite relaxing and look forward to using it every 2nd or 3rd night. My skin feels really smooth in the texture, more even.”
- A. Ward, VIC

“Thank you very much! I must say that I’m happy with the device; I’m beginning to see results. I would not hesitate in advising people to buy it.”
- Anna Lettieri

“WOW the machine is totally wonderful… My skin’s got a life again…it’s literally glowing, firm, strong and plump, and it’s only my fourth week using the machine…so many people who I know have asked me what I have done to my face…Take care all of you and thank you for such an amazing machine, it blows everything and every cream, lotion, potion and other skin care tool out of the water.”
- Daniel

“I really like the Pose. It’s easy to use and you do see results. I would definitely recommend it for spot problem areas, because it does actually reduce the appearance of fat build up. I used it on my stomach mainly and occasionally for my underarms, and people commented that I had lost weight, but I hadn’t even been on a diet.”
- Rosalie D., Sydney, NSW

“I have been using the Pose system for 3 weeks now. I have had 2 children and have the usual post baby flab around my mid region. After using the Pose system for only 2 weeks, I have already started to see results way beyond what I expected. My skin is tightening and looks smoother. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to use this and to gain confidence back!  I may even wear bikinis again this summer!”
- Natalie V., Greensborough, VIC

“I have always exercised and eaten right but I still had a few dimples on my legs and buttocks which remained no matter what I did. So, I used the Tripollar device on these areas and noticed, after only a few treatments, my skin becoming smoother and less dimpled. I am so impressed with the device and will continue to use it on other areas of my body to see what else it can do!”
- Colleen, VIC

“I can honestly say I really like the feel/texture of my skin. For someone who has always had ‘dry skin’ the Pose has eliminated any of that. I am so pleased with the results I am now going to start on my neck. I usually spend about 15 mins on my face and I can definitely see and feel the results….well worth the effort.”
- Andrea W., Toorak, VIC

“The very first time I used the product I could feel the moisturizer having an affect even prior to activating the actual ‘gadget’. I completely enjoyed the experience and the warm sensation was very relaxing. I could immediately see a difference in my complexion and it felt fabulous. I look forward to seeing the results after using this product for a few months.”
- Liz H., Pacific Pines, QLD

“I was very skeptical when I was first introduced to the Pose device.  I have been struggling with my cellulite problem for so long and I have tried many different creams/products in the past and nothing has really worked. I lead a very busy life and I am always on the look-out for a product to reduce the appearance of my cellulite that is easy to use with results.
The Pose device worked exceptionally well with noticeable results straight after the first time I used it! I have been using the Pose device for the past 6 weeks and I am extremely happy with the results. My skin on my upper thigh (the targeted area) feels tighter and there is a noticeable amount of cellulite reduction. I am so happy that I have finally found a product that actually does what it claims to! I am off on an Island holiday shortly and instead of the feeling of dread I normally feel when I know I am going to be walking around in a bikini – I now feel confident and excited! I am very impressed and would recommend the Pose device to anyone that is looking for a confidence boost and wants to remove unwanted cellulite!”
- Amy C., Southport, QLD

“After spending many years working outside as a Phys Ed teacher my skin took rather a beating. (I have also not put much time or effort into looking after it so it looks all of it’s 50 plus years). Using the ‘Stop’ definitely made my skin look smoother and firmer and the lines were less noticeable. It also just made it feel nicer. I will continue to use it to maintain the improvements, and because it makes my skin feel good!”
- Trish H., Ringwood, VIC

“I have found that after the first use, there was a difference in skin feeling. It seemed to be tighter that before. By the end of the first six weeks I can see a difference between before and after when I look at the photos and I do feel that it will give great results with longer use.”
- Mel B., Brisbane, QLD

“I have been using Stop for a month now and have noticed my skin getting smoother and firmer by each treatment. I have also seen a remarkable difference in my skin tone with patches of pigmentation becoming lighter. My skin looks really healthy again.”
- Yvonne C., Victoria

“I am loving the results of using Stop. Not only is my skin firmer, my crows feet are softening and I have also noticed a significant improvement in the redness that affects my cheek area. I’m very impressed.”
- Cristina Neri, Melbourne, VIC

“I have been using Stop & Pose for the past six weeks & the deep lines around my eyes are almost invisible, my husband says I look great. It’s the only product that has ever worked for me, I highly recommend Stop & Pose.”
- Nicole F., Echuca, VIC

“I have been using Stop for nearly three months and in that time I have noticed that my skin has definitely tightened up, especially in the jaw area and it has given me a freshened-up look that my friends have noticed and have asked me what I have done which is really amazing as I am 48 years old.”
- Dee, Sunbury, VIC

“TriPollar™ Pose offers an effective solution to smooth and firm skin, as well as reducing body circumference and the appearance of cellulite and dimpled skin. pose offers the same proven TriPollar technology that is used in my clinic and by many other professional practices worldwide.  TriPollar technology for home use is putting the power to sculpt a smoother body literally into the hands of more and more people.”
- Renowned anti-ageing expert, Dr. Ghislaine Beilin (M.D. France)


“I have concluded that both the Stop and Pose are well worth the initial cash investment. It works out to be a whole lot cheaper in the long term than salon laser treatments which promise the same results.”
-Kate Bowden, Beauty Reporter for Body and Soul after her own trial for Stop & Pose published in all News Ltd papers nationally

“Using this outstanding svelte dinky machine a couple nights a week made me scream out, ‘HONEY I SHRANK MY ASS!!!’. Seriously though if you are wanting a Beyonce behind in no time at all. Then go strike a pose with a TriPollar Pose – It’s worth the hefty price tag and guess what?! You’re worth it too!!!”
-Alice Howard – Online editor of Celebrity Stalker in GLAM

“The device is incredible and results noticeable, thank you.”
-Online editor of,, and


“My experience with TriPollar technology has been extremely positive, the treatment is effective and non-invasive and more importantly, it gives immediate results from the first treatment. My clients at Skinmedics love it and I am very satisfied with the results. I look forward to seeing the development of TriPollar’s innovative radio frequency technology into a home device, and will definitely be recommending it to all my clients.”
- Dr. Dav Panace, Medical director of the Skinmedics Clinic in Leicester and the Skinmedics cosmeceutical range

I believe the new arrival of the TriPollar home device will provide an excellent addition to the beauty market. TriPollar is the only radio frequency system in the world to produce immediate visible results without discomfort and no downtime, and it is great to be one of the lucky first to see this technology in action.”
- Dr. Jacques Otto, owner of the prestigious Cosmedicate clinic

“I have been using TriPollar salon technology for over a year now, and the Face and Body Clinic could not do without it. We pride ourselves in providing the most cutting edge treatments for our clients and TriPollar salon technology is definitely on the top of our list. The non-invasive painless treatment gives instant results, is very popular and has become an all-round favourite.”
- Dr. Shenaz Shariff, owner of the prestigious ‘The Face and Body Clinic’




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