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How does TriPollar® Pose® Work?



TriPollar® Pose® contains TriPollar® technology. It’s the same amazing technology used by beauty clinics around the world, only a little bit less powerful so you can control it safely at home.

That doesn’t mean it’s less effective, it just means you have to spend a little longer per treatment to get the same results. We think that’s a pretty good deal.

Here’s how TriPollar® Pose® works:

  1. First, you prepare for your treatment by applying a thin layer of the TriPollar® Pose® Preparation Gel onto the area you’re going to treat. You can treat anywhere below the neckline on your body, though we recommend that if you want to treat your hands you consider buying our TriPollar® Stop® device as it’s more suitable for that job.
  2. Next you move the Pose® device in small circles over the treatment area. As you move the device, special wavelengths of energy that you will experience as a pleasantly warm heat sensation are focused onto the skin. This has the effect of smoothing the appearance of cellulite and tightening and toning your skin. The device will let you know when it’s time to move on to the next treatment area. An entire tummy treatment session is completed in around 20 minutes.
  3. After your first treatment, your skin will feel tighter and you are likely to see a visible difference in the appearance of sagging skin and cellulite in the treatment area. This sensation will fade after a couple of hours, so you’ll need to work at it for an entire treatment course to get long-lasting results.
  4. Over a 6-8 week treatment cycle you will notice a visible reduction in the appearance of cellulite and feel tighter in the areas you’re treating. At the completion of the course, you can scale back your treatment frequency to a regular maintenance cycle.

Read enough?  If you’re ready to experience this amazing device, get your TriPollar® Pose® today.

What do the experts say?
“My experience with TriPollar technology has been extremely positive, the treatment is effective and non-invasive and more importantly, it gives immediate results from the first treatment. My clients at Skinmedics love it and I am very satisfied with the results. I look forward to seeing the development of TriPollar’s innovative radio frequency technology into a home device, and will definitely be recommending it to all my clients.”
- Dr. Dav Panace, Medical director of the Skinmedics Clinic in Leicester and the Skinmedics cosmeceutical range

“TriPollar Pose offers an effective solution to smooth and firm skin, as well as reducing body circumference and the appearance of cellulite and dimpled skin. TriPollar Pose offers the same proven TriPollar technology that is used in my clinic and by many other professional practices worldwide. TriPollar technology for home use is putting the power to sculpt a smoother body literally into the hands of more and more people.”
- Renowned anti-aging expert, Dr. Ghislaine Beilin (M.D. France)

“I believe the new arrival of the TriPollar home device will provide an excellent addition to the beauty market. TriPollar is the only radio frequency system in the world to produce immediate visible results without discomfort and no downtime, and it is great to be one of the lucky first to see this technology in action.”
- Dr. Jacques Otto, owner of the prestigious Cosmedicate clinic

“I have been using TriPollar salon technology for over a year now, and the Face and Body Clinic could not do without it. We pride ourselves in providing the most cutting edge treatments for our clients and TriPollar salon technology is definitely on the top of our list. The non-invasive painless treatment gives instant results, is very popular and has become an all-round favourite.”
- Dr. Shenaz Shariff, owner of the prestigious ‘The Face and Body Clinic’

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