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Frequently Asked Questions


1. Is it safe?
The device contains no sharp edges, is certified for Australian electrical requirements and contains a safety shut-off feature when the warmth generated by the device reaches 42 degrees Celsius. This means there’s no chance of overheating. Thousands of TriPollar® Pose® devices have been sold in Europe with no injuries reported.

2. Can TriPollar® Pose® be used on the facial area?
No. It is not advisable to use the TriPollar® Pose® device on your face.

3. How quickly should I expect to see results when using the TriPollar® Pose® device?
You should be able to feel skin tightening and improved skin texture immediately after the first treatment. Generally, the initial results will be felt but not necessarily seen by the naked eye. It can take up to 4-6 weeks before there is a visually perceived difference in the treatment area.

4. What does it cost?
TriPollar® Pose® costs $599 plus postage and handling fee.

5. How often can I use my TriPollar® Pose® device?
The optimal frequency for using TriPollar® Pose® is 2 -3 times per week for 4-6 weeks for achieving long lasting, non invasive body contouring results. It is recommended that the TriPollar® Pose® device not be used more than once every other day. It is recommended to let the skin rest one day in between each treatment in order to allow the natural process of the skin’s recovery to take full effect. Once the initial treatment course is completed, it is recommended to use TriPollar® Pose® once every 2-4 weeks and as needed to maintain long term body contouring results.

6. What does the TriPollar® Pose® Starter Kit include?
The TriPollar® Pose® Starter Kit includes:

  • TriPollar® Pose® device
  • TriPollar® Pose® Preparation Gel – 130 ml
  • TriPollar® Pose® User Manual
  • TriPollar® Pose® Instructional DVD
  • TriPollar® Pose® Power Supply
  • TriPollar® Pose® Quick Reference Guide

7. What are the ingredients in the Pose® Preparation Gel?
The Pose® Preparation Gel (4.4 fl oz 130 ml) is provided when you purchase your TriPollar® Pose® Starter Kit and is available for purchase separately when needing to refill your supply.

Ingredients: Glycerin, Cera Alba, Carbomer, Gluconolactone, Fragrance (Parfum), Sodium Chloride, Sodium Benzoate.

8. Do I have to use the provided gel or can I substitute it with other gel I already own?
The Pose® Preparation Gel is specifically formulated to be used in conjunction with TriPollar® devices. It is the only ointment should be used during treatment. Pose® Preparation Gel plays a role in controlling the TriPollar® energy while protecting the epidermis from over-heating. Other forms of gel may cause skin surface to over-heat interfering with the energy penetration, reducing the efficiency of the treatment and potentially causing burns to the skin.

9. How many applications will I get from the Pose® Preparation Gel provided?
The Pose® Preparation Gel 130ml should last for a full course of 12 treatments. You should apply a thin, even layer over all the area to be treated. There is no need to apply a thick layer of gel to obtain desired results.

10. Can anyone, including men, use TriPollar® Pose®?
TriPollar® Pose® is the perfect device for men to tighten up their abdomen, arms, love handles and any other place that feels like it could use some toning.
We do not recommend using Pose® on the chest or breast area of either women or men.

11. Can I buy it from an overseas or unofficial vendor?
While it is possible to buy this device from other, unofficial sources and have it shipped to you in Australia, you will miss out on a few important benefits.  First of all, you probably won’t get access to our 60-day no-questions-asked money back guarantee if you change your mind on the product.  Second, the product you get may not be certified to Australian electrical standards.
And most importantly, you will not be entitled to the same 1-year warranty that is offered to customers. This important benefit protects your investment from day one and does not come with products bought from international vendors.


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