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Reduce Cellulite
and Firm Up Your Skin with TriPollar® Pose®
Clinical Grade Body Contouring

TriPollar® Pose® is for women and men. It is a remarkable new cosmetic skin tightening device from Europe that works to significantly reduce the appearance of cellulite on your stomach, hips, thighs, arms – wherever you want more tone and the appearance of fewer bumps.  Treat an existing problem, or use it to help avoid the problem in the first place.

(For new mums: it is great for a post-baby belly that you want to get rid of!)

TriPollar® Pose® means you can enjoy clinical grade body contouring in the comfort of your own home. It is Painless, Effective and Easy to Use:

  • TriPollar® Pose® features proven professional TriPollar® 3rd generation Radio Frequency technology already in use in thousands of beauty clinics worldwide
  • Allows you to see visible results after just one treatment
  • Helps you attain a visibly firmer, more toned body
  • Helps you reduce the appearance of excess fat in problem areas and smooths the appearance of cellulite
  • It is easy and pleasant to use with a warm sensation during treatment

TriPollar® Pose® puts you back in charge of your body shape. It provides you with a non-surgical, effective solution to many aesthetic problems your body can experience. Following a treatment regime consisting of 2 or 3 twenty-minute treatments per week on your problem areas for 6 to 8 weeks will generate immediate and long-lasting results to be proud of!

What does it cost?

TriPollar® Pose® costs just $599 plus postage and handling and comes with our 60-day Risk-Free Guarantee.

You can also take advantage of our easy payment by instalment terms – so you can receive your system today, and pay over a 60 day period.

Read more about how TriPollar® Pose® works, follow the link to our Frequently Asked Questions section or click to get yours today.

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